జగతి జగద్ధాత్రి గారి ఆంగ్ల అనువాదంలో నాకవిత.


Who says solitude is loneliness?

It is the hundred thousand’s vision

Of me looking into myself

It’s the great revelation of

Embracing my soul

To describe aloneness is

To chisel the thoughts

To adorn the letters

It’s not filling colors to the paintings

The time

When the lights are off

When the flowers fall down

When the dawn flower blooms

That’s when my solitude mingles

With my aloneness

As the light spreads around the lamp

Around me and in me it’s my solitude that surrounds

Shameless dreams always wait

To disturb my seclusion

As the pains drench the heart book

Solitude is always a brook that never comes to light

Changing the

Hopes that fall as stars

Sweet moments that are held with tact

Moss grown bitter memoirs

Into pebbles

Throws into the ignorant seas

Leaves me ashore

With an over smartness

Not to show any other footprint in my heart forest

With an untouchable attitude

Except for me to touch

Exhausts with the

Labor of umpteen thoughts

Shatters with the explosion of emotions

Flowing as secretions

Breathes in the air of my outer world

Rolling along with the times

Remains a residue

Leaving a little space in my begging bowl

For my tomorrow’s solitude

Holds me as a human

Telugu original : NAA EKAANTHAM LO NENU

English trans: Jagaddhatri … 12.58 pm 24/9/2018 Monday



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